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XPCamper Inc has been building highly regarded four season expedition demountable camper units in Grass Valley, California since 2009.

The original V1 model was built to suit American '1 ton' pickup trucks like the Ford F350 and Dodge RAM 3500. The high quality build, innovative layout, and custom aluminium flatbed made an immediate impact in the market. Sleeping up to four people it carries 300 litres of freshwater and uses diesel appliances. The design has been proven time and again in the tropics and the arctic circle; across the Americas, Africa and Australia.

The V2 model is smaller and targeted at pickups <3.5t. It is an evolution of the original V1 design. It sleeps 2-3 people and carries 100 litres of water, but otherwise uses the same fittings and appliances.

Since 2011 the XPCamper waiting list has remained over 12 months. However the growing popularity of pickup trucks across Europe, coupled with a streamlining of production has presented us with an opportunity to expand into Europe.

Our demonstration V2 model mounted on an Isuzu D-Max and modified by our partners Arctic Trucks is available to view. If you have an adventure in mind would like to learn more about our expedition campers please contact us for a full client information pack.

+44 7956 152839          gavin@xpcamper.co.uk 

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The Snomad Tour 2012 – XPCamper V1

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